Wood Fencing in Elmhurst, IL

There is no more classic look than the traditional appearance of wood fencing in Elmhurst, IL. First Fence Company has been in the business of installing wood fences for more than 26 years. Throughout all of this time, we have completed all types of wood fencing projects, including the design of residential and commercial wood fences. All of our wood fencing installations come with a lifetime guarantee, which protects you from any installation-related problems. We spend time designing the right fence for your needs, starting with a free estimate. Schedule an appointment with us today for your wood fencing needs!

Beautiful Wood Fence in Elmhurst, IL

Back Yard With a Wood Fence in Elmhurst, IL

New Wood Fence in Elmhurst, IL

Types of Wood Fencing Design Features

There are a number of wood fencing design styles you may think of when you are considering traditional fences. Wood is perhaps the most popular type of home fencing material because it is beautiful and natural-looking. Nearly every homeowner's association in the area accepts the board-on-board wood fencing styles. Other popular styles of wood fencing we can offer include:

  • Solid Board Picket Top
  • Solid Board Gothic Top
  • Board on Board Flat Top
  • Solid Board Dog-Eared Top
  • Board on Board Picket Top
  • Board on Board Convex Top
  • Board on Board Concave Top
  • Lattice Top Board on Board
  • Solid Board Alternating Top

Stylish Wood Fence in Elmhurst, IL

Wood Fence & Door in Elmhurst, IL

Beautiful Yard With a New Fence in Elmhurst, IL

Affordable, Professional Wood Fence Installation

Our company makes sure you get the highest-quality wood when we complete a full wood fencing installation for you. All of the work we do is done with consideration to design and with the efficiency to get the job done in the right amount of time. We show up at the scheduled time, and don't consider the project finished until you are completely satisfied. For us, a job done perfectly is one in which our customers get the wood fence they wanted and are impressed with our level of customer service.

Book a Free Estimate for Your New Wood Fences

For decades, homeowners have chosen wood fences for their homes because this material is classic, functional, and versatile. Our contractors are happy to offer you a free estimate for your wood fence installation. We consider multiple factors of your project, including everything from square footage, wood you prefer for the project, weather factors, and more.

Our team often installs a large fence for privacy around the perimeter of a yard and smaller fences to designate specific areas of the yard. Your design is customized to your individual preferences and can be tailored to your budgetary constraints.

Contact us today to book a free estimate for your new wood fencing. We are proud to serve clients living in Elmhurst, Oak Brook, La Grange, Western Springs, Oak Park, IL, and the surrounding communities.